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Types of Social Security Benefits for Married Couples

Social Security offers three distinct types of benefits for retired workers and/or their spouses:

  1. Retired Worker benefit, which is based on his or her own earnings record.
  2. Spousal Benefit, which provides a worker’s spouse with a benefit once the worker has claimed his own benefit.
  3. Survivor Benefit, which provides a surviving spouse with a benefit after a worker’s death.


Maximize Your Social Security


Maximizing Social Security Benefits is a cornerstone to Retirement Income Planning. Making choices on how you elect your benefits is key to getting the most income out of Social Security. This can increase the income available to you in retirement, extend the life of your investments and help protect them from unnecessary depletion. As one of your most important retirement assets Social Security is a key component in making sure you can reach your retirement income goals.

Attached is a brochure with more information. Click download link below.

Download Maximize Your Social Security-Prominence Capital

Each of us have different circumstances that dictate what election strategies may be best. At Prominence Capital we help people understand what strategies are available to them base on their unique set of circumstances. We also offer integration of your strategy in retirement plans and full comprehensive financial plans. 

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Social Security Planning