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4 Questions a Portfolio Review Can Answer.

A free portfolio review is a common service many advisor's offer. At Prominence Capital we offer a free portfolio review designed to provide information on 4 key questions:

  1. Are you taking too much risk in your portfolio?
  2. How much are you paying in fee's?
  3. Are you invested in unsuitable or inappropriate investments designed to generate returns that are not aligned with your objectives?
  4. How did my portfolio perform during periods of extreme stress in the financial system?

Answering some of these questions can help you in determining if you have the right asset allocation and investments selected to meet your goals and objectives. Stress testing can be a useful tool in understanding your investments performance during times when markets are experiencing extreme levels of stress, such as during the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks.

Some investments are difficult to stress tests, we help identify those assets so that you can make informed decisions as to the appropriateness of owning them. Certain investment products commonly owned, such as mutual funds, have  fee's and expenses associated with owning them. Often there are alternatives that may provide similar investment objectives and the desired risk and return objectives with more advantageous fee structures. Fee's can significantly impact the long term performance of an investment. Along with fee's looking at the tax efficiency of a portfolio will also help you keep more of the return your portfolio generates over time.

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